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Maintenance of Reno paper container equipment

Equipment maintenance
1. The policy of "maintenance first, repair second" should be carried out in the maintenance of the equipment. The equipment should be used correctly and maintained carefully to keep it in good condition.
2. Every day after work, the sundries and paper scraps on the equipment and inside the machine must be cleaned up, especially the large amount of paper scraps in the bottom flushing mechanism must be blown clean with a high-pressure air gun.
3. The staff in charge of maintenance should be directly responsible for whether the equipment is in good condition. They must understand the performance principle of the equipment, be able to remove faults and maintain it. For the safety device of the equipment, it must ensure the safety and good operation.
4. Check the automatic lubrication system once a week to ensure that all the oil routes are smooth.
5. Inject butter once every 6-15 days for all oil filling points requiring manual filling.
6. Check the bolts and nuts at each connecting rod once a month to prevent loosening.
7. Maintenance records should be kept every day and signed by a specially assigned person.
8. According to the regulations of lubrication management system, add all kinds of lubricating oil, clean the lubrication system, and ensure the oil hole and oil pipe unblocked. The specific requirements are as follows:
(1) The bearing seat on each transmission shaft is lubricated. The UCF bearing on the bearing pedestal requires manual grease injection once every one to two weeks.
(2) Lubricate the pin of each swing rod. Each swing rod is connected by pin shaft, copper sleeve and spherical plain bearing. The pin shaft, copper sleeve and spherical plain bearing shall be fully lubricated, otherwise the copper sleeve will be damaged. Grease every swing rod with grease nipple once a week, and grease every day without grease nipple.
(3) The knurling wheel swinging device is lubricated. Whether the knurling wheel device slides flexibly is directly related to the quality of the product, so the lubrication of the knurling swing device is very important. Because the device works under high temperature, the lubricating oil is easy to volatilize, so the lubricating oil should be added every 6 hours.
(4) The connecting rod of clamping mechanism is lubricated. The inner copper sleeve lubrication of holding clamp connecting rod is also relatively low, which is related to the forming stability of cup cylinder. It is required to inject grease every 3 days by manual work, and apply lubricating oil every 3 days in other places.
(5) Main motor gearbox lubrication. The gearbox has been filled with lubricating grease when it is delivered from the factory. During the production process, the user should check the oil quantity in the gearbox frequently and replenish it timely. Pay attention to maintenance. Clean it every six months and add new grease.
(6) The sliding rod mechanism of each part is lubricated. The smooth shaft sliding sleeve is equipped with oil nozzles, which are required to be cleaned once a week. After scrubbing, new grease is injected. Such as: ultrasonic welding frame mechanism, pulling paper and hook mechanism, holding clamp mechanism and other parts. The sliding rod seat connected to the automatic oil supply system shall be cleaned once a month. After cleaning, the lubricating oil pump shall be manually started to add new grease.
Special attention:
1. L-ckc-68 ᦇ medium load closed industrial gear oil is recommended. Please do not change the brand and brand of lubricating oil at will.
2. Please don't adjust the oil supply mode at will.